Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Michael Putland, obit

Fairwell to Michael Putland. As the post quotes, he pretty much photographed Abba to Frank Zappa. He also gave me my first job in the photographic world working at Retna pictures. Always had a fascinating Rock n' Roll story to tell and gave you the time to share tips on printing in the darkroom. I named a cat after him at one point too. I should say something cheesy that there's another flashbulb being fired up in heaven, however Mike, used halogen or natural lights. Will raise a glass to the man later with a mid 70s Stone's sound track.

Hanging with the Putland, 2014 Blog link here 

Guardian  story on Michael Putland

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Obituary: Robert Frank

We say farewell to Robert Frank, renowned for his book The Americans which carries an introduction by Jack Kerouac. There's an interesting article about him on the New York Times and also on the Smithsonian ,  so do read if you're not all that familiar with him. 

Robert Frank in 1954. Image by Fred Stein 

Billboard for Rolling Stones album Exile on Main Street which was shot by Robert Frank 

From the book,  The Americans by Robert Frank

London, 1961 Robert Frank 

I will try and and find the location for this pic so as to run a comparison

Robert Frank holding an iconic Olympus by dodo Jin Ming 

Monday, 26 August 2019

​Festival at ​Sri Karpaha Vinayagar Temple​,

 Sunday morning was quite a colourful ​spectacular soiree with the Sri Karpaha Vinayagar Temple festival taking place.  Clearly a contender for Walthamstow Pictorial series. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Walthamstow Pictorial Exhibition

I will be exhibiting some of my Walthamstow Pictorial project in association with Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture. Walthamstow Pictorial in book form will be available via Blurb Books. More news about that in the week. The exhibition will be from the 20th May to the 30th May at 
No.1 Hoe Street, London, E17 4SD. I will also be planning a "meet the maker" evening, so please contact me for further information on that one. With just under a week to go I'll be pretty busy with my final prep. I'll keep you posted on how that's going via Blog form and Instagram  I'll look forward to seeing some of you there. 
Thanks for now 
Adrian aka Get Callaghan 

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Obituary: Journalist Pete Cashmore

Very saddened to hear the news of the passing of Pete Cashmore. I had the pleasure of working with Pete in the days of Nuts magazine, I always admired that he kept the writing fresh, keeping the readers entertained. Fear not if Nuts wasn't your cup of tea as Pete penned his skills to the likes of the NME and the Guardian. I will be thinking about our old friend Pete today and will raise a glass to him later. A very talented writer and jovial critic to my music compilations. Here’s a picture of us in a Krankies sandwich, just an average day in the Nuts office which now feels like a lifetime ago...
I guess the brightest stars fade the fastest. Donations in memory to Pete Cashmore can be made
to the charity Mind

Monday, 8 April 2019


I took these outside Parliament, which at the time would have been the final week of this Brexit madness. I was intrigued by who the regulars were on both sides of the debate. Possibly as a start of a project or maybe just to record what is happening. As always with the British public, I met some interesting characters and I was asked for my opinion by a pro-Brexiteer,  I mentioned that it didn't really matter anymore, the country is divided.