Thursday, 3 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Always a goodway to start the year by seeing one of your photographs appearing in print and online. 
One of my Noddy Holder shots was used by the Sun as part of their Christmas quiz, or It's Quizmas as they punned it.  Happy new year to you all.

It's Quizmas 

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Photographer: Ernest Brooks 1876 - 1957 The official photographer for the Western Front

I put together a photo feature of  Ernest Brooks' photography work. So, what with it being Armistice day  Let's remember one of our War correspondents.

Ernest's first encounters with photography was from working in the darkroom with the Hussy Vivan, 3rd Baron Vivian family photographs. It's from here that Ernest got the photography bug, buying his own camera paying by weekly instalments at a shilling a week. He focused his work on prominent society where he made a few sales through an agency thus Ernest choosing to become a freelance newspaper photographer.
After the outbreak of WW1, Ernest, had enlisted in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and with the Gallipoli landings being prepared, Winston Churchill (Who was also once a war correspondent) arranged for Journalists and Photographers, Ernest being one of them to accompany the exploration.  In March 1916, Ernest was appointed the official photographer for the Western Front and the only professional photographer to cover the Battle of the Somme. It's noted that he used a Goerz Anschutz Plate Camera.
After the war, he found himself working with the Prince of Wales (1914) with his tour of the USA, Canada and Australia (1920). George V disapproved of some of his (still locating these pictures) photos and for reasons not disclosed, he's appointment as Royal photographer being cancelled along with his OBE and BEM being cancelled and annulled too. Ernst's photography career continued up until the mid 1930s.
Ernest Brooks' work had it's fair share of critics where it has been noted that he chose to curate his subject matter (I guess we'd call that Art direction these days) and he's fondness of dramatic silhouette photographs still carry an influence to this day. when it came to combat photographs, Ernest was adamant that they were never faked. You can read more about Ernest Brooks work here at the Imperial War Museum

A dapper looking Ernest Brooks 1876-1957 pictured with a Goerz Anschutz plate camera

 British infantrymen give a helping hand to wounded German prisoners near La Boisselle on 3 July 1916

Dramatic silhouette , Men of the 8th Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment going up to the line near Frezenberg during the Third Battle of Ypres, 1917

 Men of the Border Regiment resting in shallow dugouts near Thiepval Wood during the Battle of the Somme during , August 1916

I like to think somebody still has this hat: A wounded British soldier holding his steel helmet, which has been pierced by a piece of shrapnel, during the advance on the Somme Front near Hamel, December 1916

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Marlowe estate, Wood Street

This area of Wood Street is being revamped  . for x-Walthsower's it's behind the Dukes Head, which has also been revamped and with a late licence. 

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Walthamstow Safari Park

The aftermath from last weeks fires that broke out over on Wanstead  Flats. The BBC reported that over 220 fire fighters tackled the blaze while the Evening Standard claimed that 100 hectares of grass were alight with 40 fire engines at the scene.  I took a stroll up there, post fire and with the dry grass and yet another day hitting the 30c mark. It did feel like you were stepping into a safari park.

I am the God of Hell Fire  
Waltham Forest Safari Park 

No to be confused with Donald Trump's hair.  The dry grass on Wanstead Flats 

Scorched running track 

Urban desert

Shame to see a lot of bottles ,old and new laying around the area. 

Lost a shoe 

Like a scene from Star Trek 

Wanstead flats captured on my Nikon. 

X marks the spot 

Wanstead Flats mini roundabout system. Hopefully this will give some context of where the fires were 

Good to see Mother Nature repairing itself 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Obituary: Photographer Abbas: 1944 – 2018

We say goodbye to Photographer and Photojournalist Abbas, who has left us with a stunning 60-year photographic career, including a 27 year stint at the Magnum photo agency. Abbas's career has seen him cover the Vietnam war and the Iranian Revolution where he told those who wanted to stop him from shooting that: “This is for history.”  You can find out more about Abbas at Magum photos  and here’s a few images from Abbas’s portfolio.

Full Metal Jacket: Abbas pictured South Vietnam 1973. Photo Magnum 

BRAZIL. Ceara state. Juazeiro do Norte. 1996. A man, who had his shoulder and arm amputated after having been hit by gunfire, makes a pilgrimage to the statue of Padre Cicero, to thank him for a miraculous cure.

SOUTH VIETNAM. Near My Tho. 1972. A soldier of the South Vietnamese army leans on an American car
JAPAN. Kyoto. Law-court. 1985

IRAN. Tehran. 1998. Kids play football in the suburbs of the capital, next to electricity pylons.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Yet Men at the Betsy Trotwood

Taken from last Saturday in Farringdon, London. Back when we had that air pocket of summer