Thursday, 8 May 2008

PPA Awards 2008

The PPA awards, at the Grosvenor hotel, Park Lane. Did we win? Did we Shit. This is all besides the point, I just wanted to tag along, experience the evening for what it was and eat some fancy food; Venison was on the menu in case you were wondering.
Whilst collecting my bag at the end of the evening, I then stumbled into the Ballroom arena. It was now closed to the public and had an atmosphere that was numbingly quiet and eerie...
I wondered around for a we while and took some pics. Some chap appeared out of a door then just wondered off in the other direction - didn't even ask what I was doing there.
I montaged my pics with film stills from The Shining. Life imitating art, or just a bit spooky? Wooo hooo hooo...
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