Thursday, 4 December 2008

The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future

Part 1 : The past. Soho of old.
Met up with the Dailytitlow, James, Laura (that'll be James' missus) and Johnny logic ( not pictured, for some reason). We quaffed a few beers in the Coach and Horses, one of Francis Bacon's old drinking establishments. The place does have character and kind of reminds me of Caravan holidays as a kid; just a little bit pikey, but somehow nice and cosy too.

Part 2 : The present. Soho today.
The Dailytitlow and I, batted on to the Soho House Hotel for a few late tipples. I guess this is the modern, new-age Soho. Private drinking clubs and late night hotel bars. Put it all on the tab and can I get a good wifi connection? Still, it's a pleasant experience, you don't spend ages waiting at the bar and you can always pretty much get a seat. Which is a bonus in London these days.

Part 3 : The future. On my way home.
I love the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road tube station. I remember when they installed them. Mainly because one of them is the Bionic man, and being a small kid at the time, Steve Austin was a hero. Sir Eduardo Paolozzi designed the mosaics and I find that they are very nice to gaze at, especially when you're a bit drunk on the way home. I should imagine millions of people use that station and never knowing that Steve Austin is keeping a safe eye over them. Almost like a modern day Angel if you like.

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