Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I'm the hangman.

Woo yeah! right on! We managed to break an all new record with Nuts.co.uk in November.
80 million page turns with 1.8 million unique users. Nuts is now the biggest Men's lifestyle website in the UK. Fact. I'm used to working for magazines that are on the brink of closing, I guess I don't have to worry to much about getting made redundant. Well, for not for the time being anyway. The trouble with Nuts is, I always tend to feel that I should have chosen a more creative path. However, when I have those days, wondering how I sleep at night, from doing the devils work. 'I'm the Hangman' song from the series Snuffbox, springs to mind. Some lyrics below...

I knew I’d go to hell, on judgement day

Why should I feel so sad
The hours are good and the monies not bad

I think of all the jobs that I could have gone in to
Sweeping up parks, driving trains to Waterloo
I could have been a painter or the worlds greatest wit

I could have been a sailor, but the hat didn’t fit.

I’m the hang man.

Hangman song in it's full entirety.
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