Monday, 5 January 2009

01 - 01- 2009

Feeling inspired by the Francis Bike-on post, from the Sugar Free Badger blog. I checked out the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate Britain, on New Years day; You forget how brutal his pictures are. I also got the impression that the late Hunter. S Thompson, would have been a big fan too. If I recall, Francis Bacon once smoked pot with William Burroughs somewhere in Morocco. I think he had an allergic reaction, so I guess you couldn’t see Bacon and Hunter hanging out. I strolled back, passing the Houses of Parliament and took a couple of snaps of the protester, Brian Haw. I don’t really know to much about the man and he’s protest. I tend to be quite sceptical about these things. However, here is a link to the man so you can check him out for yourself.
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