Saturday, 3 January 2009

Christmas slacker

I have been a bit slack with blogging over Christmas. So here is a brief run down in photos.
Happy New Year anyway.

The good old boys. The day before Christmas eve. Johnny-Logic, Cormac, Simon and James.

My Nan, with her Christmas gifts. I bought her the T-Rex.

My nephew, Seany-darko. Holding the Christmas present that I got him; It was a multi-story car park and it took a good 3 hours to build. I'm buying him a pop-up book next year.
Christmas day telly. The Jazz Singer, very festive.

My mum's bathroom: She hasn't decorated this room yet. It's an 19080s relic.

Sunset, my Aunt's back garden, Northampton.

Jo, me and missus Boon, aka H. Hoxton hotel.
In memory of Harry King. The Approach pub, Bethnal Green
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