Monday, 26 January 2009

Everything but the Annie Leibovitz

I had quite a fun action packed weekend. Not bad for a murky January.
I paid a visit to the tip on Saturday and noticed a rickety transport museum hidden next door. I think it only opens at special times and relies on volunteers to keep it running. I shall do some further investigating as it may make a good photo-shoot location.

On Sunday, I tempted to pay a visit to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition. This had sold out. Is Art becoming the new Rock'n'Roll, I wonder? Anyway, I popped into Ping Pong for a spot of Dim Sum. The food reminds me of fireworks, as in the Oooooo. Ahhhhhh. Effect. Later on I went to Esher, and attended a pub quiz. A couple of pub quiz facts for you: Sammy Davis Jr has a glass eye and The first Dirty Harry Film was made in 1971. Yep, with facts like these, maybe you should avoid having me on your team as you’ll never win...
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