Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Whipps Cross Lido

There used to be a Lido swimming pool at the back of the Hollow ponds, Leytonstone.
According to a small bit of internet research that I did. The Lido started out in life as bathing pool. Then was converted into an outdoor swimming pool in the mid 1930s. It was closed in 1982 and then was used for general land fill by the local coucnil. Good old Maggie Thatcher played a part in its demise, no doubt.
I went there a couple of times as a child. I pretty much remember it being massive. It had its own diving section, fountains and everything. 300ft x 130ft to be exact. You wouldn’t want to swim a length underwater in that thing.

I thought I would check out its remains. I was hoping that I might stumble across some old ruins, similar to Athens maybe? What I did find was a flat clearing from the trees were something colossal may have once stood. There were quite few pathways cutting through bramble bushes over what must have been the Lido. However, there did seem to be a few odd looking men walking around and on closer inspection, lots of tissues and wet wipes scattered around. This started to feel a bit grotty, followed by mild panic and I wasn’t quite sure how to get back out. Remember, this pool used to be 300 x 130ft. Eventually, I find a clearing back to safety and that’s including without having stood in any wet wipes too.

I did find some reference to the Lido (pictured) amongst the bushes, but not really the overgrown with ivy diving board tower that I was hoping for.
Oh well, you live and learn.
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