Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Park Life : Revisited

17 January 2010 : Mile End Pak

17 June 1995 : A veiw from the photographers pit at the Blur, Mile End gig. Fans Probabaly watching the Boo Radleys ( remember them, A?) .
A Closer look at the Mile End stadium, notice the same tower block.

Damon Albarn of Blur, live at Mile End Stadium 1995 : Taken by yours truely of course.

In the area of Mile End/Bow, East London. They do seem to get quite excited about awarding blue plaques for the most random of things. There’s even one for a dog biscuit factory? Pity, there isn’t any for where cockney criminals drank, or for where the Elephant man would have first been exhibited. These would have been far more interesting.

And I wonder if they will ever place a Blue Plaque on what was formerly known as the Mile End stadium ( now a park ) in years to come, for services rendered to the Indie-Wars.
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