Thursday, 8 July 2010

The day Nashville came to Leytonstone

In the bad lands of Leytonstone. Every Wednesday, upstairs at the Sheep Walk pub, there’s a Country Folk night held. It goes by the name of What’s Cookin’ and if you ever happen to be in Leytonstone on such a night, then it’s worth a visit. Wednesday night just gone was a pretty good one. A chap called Phil Lee played a few numbers and so did Al Perkins. They both played with the main band Eric Brace and The Last Train. Phil Lee, is the dude looking like Sam Elliott’s character from the The Big Lebowski. He’s worth checking out. Al Perkins, chap with the bandanna. He was in Manassas and has worked with the Flying Burrito Brothers, I believe he may have been one for a while. That’s a pretty impressive CV.
I started getting into the Byrds country rock sound when I was about 17, I got into Manassas in my early 20s. So, as you can imagine it was quite a special night for me.

The What’s Cookin’ people are holding a picnic musical festival, Sunday the 18th I believe. If you’re local, then pay a visit and support your local artists.

Keep on trucking. 

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