Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I’m having a clear out and I’ll be putting this on Ebay.

For those in the know, Dave Prowse MBE, played Darth Vader and surprisingly, they over dubbed his voice with the actor James Earl Jones. Dave, once visited my primary school as The Green Cross Code man. He warned us about the dangers of crossing the street. We observed he’s warnings and many of us got a free sticker. He also informed us about his role in Star Wars and how they over dubbed his voice. He seemed quite bitter about the whole thing. Bitter enough to tell a bunch of 8 year-olds about it.

Moving forward. I was in New York, May, 2001. I was hanging around the David Letterman Late Show, trying to get a ticket (me being me, I managed to blag one). Whilst hanging around I popped into the deli that was always featured in the show. Low and behold, James Earl Jones was in there buying a snack. I kid you not. 

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