Monday, 9 August 2010

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Test shots from the Samsung NX10

This is one of those mirrorless Interchangeable lens cameras, similar to the Lumix G1 and the Olympus Pen.
Why bother, why not just have an SLR - you may ask. Why bother having lower league football, why bother with ITV2, why bother with homemade chips? Well, these new bread of cameras seem to becoming more popular and to be honest, I like the feel of the them. They all tend to have a retro quality about them, almost as if you’re shooting on film, almost making photography exciting... I find the digital process a bit dull sometimes, Take a picture, look at it on the back of you’re screen and then upload it to Face-Google-Flickr-Book. Whoopeee...

Anyway, some test shots from the Samsung NX10. Notice how rich it is in colour; the focusing can be a bit temperamental (focusing on blacks or whites ) ; it also takes those annoying narrow images, which I’m not a fan of. However, you have the option of using the screen or the viewfinder to work out your compositions. And this is were these mirrorless chaps become quite appealing. They’re small enough to take to a wedding and then easily adaptable for the more serious photographer.
Yep, clearly no use to me then.
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