Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Matt LeBlanc is a Wilco fan

Went to the Wilco gig at the Royal Festival Hall. I was sitting quite near the front, so I became fully absorbed into the groove. We noticed Matt LeBlanc there too, yep that chap from friends. We spotted him in the lift earlier and it was all like - ‘hey, that’s that Joey chap’. Then he was sitting quite close to us at the gig and then it was all – ‘Hey, Matt LeBlanc is a Wilco fan’ . I thought he had that Hollywood actor glow. I.E. Not your typical actor from East Enders.
The chap circled, he kept taking pictures on he’s phone. The security kept telling him off and at first, this was annoying... As in this burly-bloke was being annoying and why couldn’t he just turn his phone off? After a while, I viewed him as a Wilco art installation and then thought what the fuck. He’s having a good time, let him do what he likes. Power to the people.

Obviously, me taking pictures willy-nilly is okay.
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