Friday, 22 October 2010

Looking for fun and feeling groovy.

Spent a long weekend in Switzerland. The first part involved helping out with a spot of baby sitting in the town of Winterthur.
The parents were attending lectures by Master Jeffrey C. Yuen. He’s very big in Chinese Medicine circles.

This was followed by a day spent in Zurich. Having never been to Switzerland and Zurich before I followed my instincts and just wondered about the place.
Luckily for me, my instincts are in good working order and we managed to stumble across some great sights; bars included. There’s also a bit of a kooky Euro 70s thing going on in Zurich. What with that and knowledgeable dude abiding bar staff, I kind of felt like I was in my very own Big Lebowksi film.

Check out the Alexander hotel, Sigmare Polke’s amazing stained glass windows at the Grossm√ľnster Cathedrals and pay a visit to the Zuri Bar.

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