Thursday, 21 April 2011

Why do only fools and Bearman's work

I noticed this photo in the Birbeck Tavern.  It's a photo of Leytonstone High Road, circa 1936 and was taken from the roof of the public library. Sadly Bearman's the department store is longer there and now a Matalan stands in it's place. The Matalan store used to be a Co-op and was once used as a location for Only Fools and Horses in the episode 'The Longest Night'
How's that for a pub trivia fact.

A photos of Leytonstone High Road with a view of Bearman's, This picture sits on the wall at the Birbeck Tavern near Leyton tube station

Location, location. Leytonstone High Road as it is today

A screen grab from Only Fools and Horses, episode 'The Longest Night'. Just behind Uncle Albert is the Matalan carpark, with the DDS building at the back. 

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