Monday, 21 November 2011

What's Cookin' down at the Birkbeck

Paid a visit to the new location for the What's Cookin' night. Russ Chandler from the Walthamstow Folk club was playing banjo and performed an interesting rendition of  Pale Blue Eyes by the Velvet Underground. I don't think I've ever heard V/U songs played on the banjo before. Steve White and the Protest Family played  a political set to an enthusiastic SWP audience. With this vibe thick in the air, I was beginning to wonder if the recent recession was transporting us  back to the 1970s…

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Michael Caine and Shelley Winters, share a moment from the 1966 film, Alfie.
If and when I can be bothered, I might do a few more of these. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Perks of the day job

The F.A. cup was rolled into the office yesterday. Picture below of (Sir) Trevor Brooking and Frank Lampard (Sr) , parading the cup at Wembley, circa 1980. I remember watching that game on telly, okay I didn't watch it all as I was only 6. At the time I had the kit, the sticker book and the pop song that was released at the time too. I guess this was all aided by my Granddad, a huge West Ham fan making sure that the claret and blue seed (or what ever the correct footy term is) was planted in my brain. Yep, thanks to him I get to follow the West Ham United. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Backyard magazine launch party at the Torkarska gallery

Backyard magazine launch party at the Torkarska gallery, E17 
This is a new online photography magazine, featuring photographers who explore and capture their neighbourhoods. Check it out. 

Monday, 7 November 2011

Friday, 4 November 2011

These are from a road trip that I went on back in 2002.  I shot these on film, I may even have pushed the film in the chemical process? I guess I'll have to sit down one day and start scanning these pics in. Still, it's always good to find a town with your name in the middle of Route 66. It's like they new I was coming. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

George Peabody gets a make over.

According to Wikipedia, George was pretty much the Bill Gates of his time being acknowledged as the father of modern philanthropy. Now does he still deserve a cone on his head, or does the cone draw our attention to his accomplishments.