Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Just another Magnum Monday

I went to the; and somewhat cramped, Magnum 62 exhibition held at Chris Beetles Fine Photographs on Monday night.  The is to celebrate the agencies 6th decade, showing work from all of its 62 members. The exhibition continues up until May the 19th and if you're on the look out to pick up some photographic artwork, then you can pick yourself up an original print with some of them having been signed too. If I had the space in my E17 mansion,  then I'd probably pick up a classic Henri Cartier-Bresson or  Robert Capa's  image of American troops landing at Omaha beach.  A couple of other photographers work that I'd like to see more of from the exhibition were Ian Berry and Paolo Pellegrin.
Okay then, photography lesson is now over.  Apologies for not mentioning Martin Parr, who is also exhibited.

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