Monday, 2 April 2012

West Ham v Reading

This was the 6 pointer match to pretty much see who would sit comfortable in second place of the Championship League. The West Ham, lost 4-2 to Reading...  We (WHU) were 1-0 up as we strolled off to the bar a little before half-time. However, by the time I'd visited the loo and queued up for a half-time pint. We, were 2-1 down...  From what I could see, the West Ham played pretty well for the first 20 minuets but then the claret and blue fog crept in,
filling the players with a lack of confidence and the ability to stop Reading doing whatever it was that Reading were doing? Needless to say, we pushed off pretty sharpish just after the 4th (offside) goal was scored. Oh well, you've got to watch and experience these things every now and then. Up the Hammers?
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