Friday, 4 May 2012

I feel just like Sigourney Weaver

Met up with the Jimmy J to watch the West Ham game against Cardiff. The normal tradition for these pinnacle and nerve-racking games is to watch them at the Sheepwalk. However, now I've moved post codes the Sheepwalk is a bit of a trek so I'm now scouting for new West Ham watering holes, E17 of the border. For last nights match we opted for the King William the 4th pub,  where they have their own microbrewery selling Brodies beer   and pints costing way  under the £2.50 mark... 90 odd minutes later West Ham won, so we'll be back again at some point. Just after the game the Giles aka The Gilez,  text'd with the news that Iggy had been born, that's his 3rd. Quite a good night all round then, I headed back home,  to a Queen of Denmark sound track camera in hand.

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