Thursday, 16 August 2012

Get-Callaghan on the E17 Art Trail

I'm putting on a photographic exhibition as part of the E17 Art Trail  This will run from the 1st of September to the 16th of September and as with any type of creative project it comes with it's many pitfalls, but I guess that's just all part of the journey. I've had to change venues due the Bell pub being re-vamped,  I found this out after the the Art Trail guide had gone to press. However, I've luckily secured a new ( Coffee & Cream's E17 4NE) venue just up the road, so hopefully a few signs diverting people to the new space will be okay? I've also had to re-edit the images and also think about choosing different sizes to fit the new space. I've been to a few Printspace exhibitions and I've been quite impressed with their printing and mounting, so I'll be choosing them as my printers.
No doubt I'll post some updates with my progress and I'm planning to hold an open day on Sunday the 9th of September, so keep the day free as everybody is welcome.

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