Wednesday, 5 September 2012

That EMD, Granada cinema

Well if it's not the EDL trying to march their way into to town then it's some church or another trying to take over the place. This was my second outing on the Save Our Cinema campaign and sadly, I don't think it'll be my the last...  If you're interested in helping to save this Grade 2 listed building then check out the links below,  they'e probably a little bit more informative that my little old blog. I spoke to a few councillors after the vote and apparently it does make a huge difference if you turn up to these things to show your support. I guess that explains the organised pro-church out-of towners in their yellow bibs. When I say out- of-towners not one of them lives in Waltham Forest, they probably don't even don't know where the cinema actually is. I did see Dune at this cinema,  I would have been around 11 years-old at the time.  Also, what with Waltham Forest being Hitchcock country, I kind I feel like I owe it to them both to help get this cinema into safe hands. Onwards and upwards.

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This is what we're up against.

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