Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jessops we mourn

Sad to hear the news about the high street store Jessops, going into administration. Love them or hate them they were always good for an own branded gizmo, you knew where you stood with a Jessops light metre. I guess they also catered for Mums looking for a decent compact too. Going by the BBC website up to 2000 jobs could be lost. That’s 2000 photography lovers including  photography and art students all now mostly destined for the arts-hole slag heap...
To you and I,  look at it as 2000 photography interest mags no longer being bought and 2000 art students no longer deciding to choose the Blow-Up photographic dream. Will these stocks ever be replenished and where will the digital photographic revolution be taken us next?  Pop that into your college essay.

          : CSS Art Bitch 

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