Thursday, 25 September 2014

Callaghan's Clearwater Revival : part deux

Henley to Teddington, 17 locks, roughly 44 miles. Part deux of canoeing down (or up) the Thames. Let the slide show commence, good times. 

open sesame

Captain Morgan would not approve.

It'll break your arm

The Marlow Brewery.

The Bounty. This is now in my top 10 pubs of all time.

This is how much it rained over night.

I survived the storm in my Tescos tent.

Nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee by the river in the morning

Yoo hoo.

Boveney Lock, the  20 mile mark.

Eton riffles 

Happy Birthday, I got you a bridge

Windsor, here we come.

Slough's finest.

Fine dining with the Heave moshers

Very neat.


Up the Hammer's

That's how we role. 

Man ashore 

Blunder buster. 

Teddington or bust.

We made it.

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