Friday, 5 September 2014

The System ( aka The Girl-Getters ) revisited

Tinker (Oliver Reed) stepping outside the 400 club.

A view of the Redcliffe Hotel , then and now.

Paignton pier

Mind if I take your picture, Mr Callaghan?

   Don't mind if you do, Mr Reed

 Tinker (Oliver Reed) and Nicola (Jane Merrow) , share a moment in Tinker's flat. Notice the bezel window pains. This is now the Harbour Light Restaurant  .

   In the distance is Elberry Cove. Going by my research , this where they through a piano into the see to mark the end of summer. All very pagan.

   A recent trip to the English Riviera. Beach-combing Torquay, Paignton and Brixham, tracing some locations to the classic Brit flick  "The System" aka "The Girl-Getters"

* The 400 Ballroom / 400 Club was the place to be seen back in the day. The film picked up on the local Mod scene that was happening at the time and used it to help shape the film.  So I'm guessing that most of the extras would have been local Mods.

I don't think the trailer for the film does it much justice but you can watch it here....  and if you have a spare Sunday afternoon or a restless night to fill then I highly recommend that you gorge yourself on this movie.

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A more recent trip to the area and I managed to find Elberry Cove. You can see a blog update here  BLOG LINK  or enjoy the photos below.

A view of the bath house at Elberry Cove as it is today

A Tweet from the late Michael Winner in regards to the Girl Getters aka The System 

The pagan ritual scene of throwing the piano into the sea. Symbolising the end of the summer season from the film, the System aka the Girl-Getters. I guess we can say "cut" or "that's a Wrap" for this adventure.  

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