Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Ding dong, ding dong. Your bells are....

Buy a square as a donation to save the bells

Peels. These are special plaques for special bell ringing known as peels. Pop that in your pop quiz

A movie of them ringing the bells

Bell ringers night out 

  A view of Canary Wharf  or Thatcher's Needle as I like to call it.

  The Shard and co.

 Get-Callaghan the natural flair

 The king of the castle
   For whom the bell tolls

 The bell tower to St Mary's Church,Walthamstow was open to the public on Saturday. We had a look around. They showed us the bells and found out a little about how they ring them and that you can even put mufflers on them for public funerals. I should imagine that must create a dramatic sound. The bell ringers were quite an interesting bunch, think of that next time you hear bells ringing. We where also lucky enough to check out the view from the tower. I don't think I've seen London from this angle. At present the bells are in need of a refurb with the last refurb taken place in the late 1800s. They're currently looking to raise around £70,000 to get them repaired so if you happen to have that tucked away in the back of your sofa then I'm sure they'll pleased to hear from you.
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