Thursday, 13 August 2015

Allotment in August

 Hi, I haven't abandoned the world of photography, just thought I'd add a few pictures from the  allotment (indie-farm). I'm still a novice at this so it's good to see some of those efforts blossom so to speak. 

   Courgette flowers. Leave these too long and they'll become marrows.

Hops soon to flower.

  BBQ. Homemade clay pot BBQ and the faithful BBQ bucket.

 BBQ-ed allotment goodies. Spring onions bbq-ed with a drizzle of olive oil are a taste sensation

 Plumbs and Raspberries. Watch out for the pesky fruit fly, half of these plumbs will be infected... Any tips to avoid this are welcome.


 Post BBQ ashes spread over the gooseberries patch

Almost. Beef tomatoes nearly ripe

Cherry tomatoes

   Plumb tree
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