Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Brexit and loathing on the campaign trail

The Brexit debate is gripping Britain. Over at The Daily Express they put together a live Brexit debate taped in front of a live audiance. Hosted by Nick Ferrai with a panel including Chuku Umuna, Nigel Farage, Richard Reed and Siobhain McDonagh. The debate whent down pretty well with arguments being heard from both sides, it even trended on Twitter. I did some live photo blogging for the day feeding the news hungry hounds with plenty of pictures. You can see and read more about the day here   or simply enjoy my photo edit below. 

  Jacob Rees-Mogg

  Nigel Farage 

 Chuka Umuna and Richard Reed

Siobhain McDonagh

Question time
Anchor man, Nick Ferrai

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