Thursday, 23 June 2016

The little Italian job

I was sent on a photo assignment to Albania, more to come on that one. This involved a stop over flight at Rome, aka Roma airport. Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to stop and look round on the way there but that changed on the way back due to delayed flights. This gave me a few hours and led me to catching a glimpse of Rome. On this trip I had been reading Whicker's War, which is an account of his war days in Italy working for the AFPU (Army Film and Photo Unit). I was beginning to wonder who would get to Rome first, Whicker, in my book or me by plane. Alas, on my return flight I got there first. With only a short span of time I visited the Coliseum whilst leaving Whicker discussing how his luggage sank to the bottom of the sea. Finally, London bound and to my joy, Alan Whicker made it to Rome with his first mission being to see the Coliseum. This tickled me and it didn't end there beacuse once I got to Heathrow it was now my luggage that had got lost. Life imitating novels. 

The book now finished (which I highly recommend) and the Albanian photo story fully edited. I shall be raising a glass to the good people of the AFPU. 

life imitating novels

Whicker and I

Mini Italian job

  When in Rome
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