Sunday, 10 July 2016

Allied invasion of Sicily 10 July 1943

Today marks the date of the Allied invasion of Sicily. After reading Whicker's War  I put together a photo gallery mainly comprising of AFPU  photos with a couple of colour American army photographs for the Daily Express. If this is your thing then you can see the gallery  here.
As mentioned in a previous blog post  my luggage has now officially gone missing, along with some of my cameras, lenses and camera chargers that were in my luggage. Hopefully I'll be up and running in the week but until then I'll be raising a glass to the brave souls who witnessed the Sicilian and Italian conflicts of World War 2.

   Alan Whicker, with camera and Bernard Montgomery

  British troops marching ashore photo taking by AFPU

     A dapper looking Alan Whicker in Italy.

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