Saturday, 13 August 2016

Elberry Cove to Burgh Island

Greetings from Devon  and with a few shots taken on the lumix DMC-FX100. On this visit I managed to find Elberry Cove which is another location from the film, The System (yes the film that  I keep going on about and nobody ever bothers to watch). Original blog post can be found here  and  I'll add the Eleberry Cove location to that post. After a spot of research I noted that Agatha Christie was a big fan of Elberry Cove and it is featured in the ABC Murders for the setting of Sir Carmichael Clarke's death. Keeping with the Agatha Christie theme I also visited Bigbury beach which is home to Burgh Island and Burgh Island hotel . An old haunt for Pre-war Luminaries including Agatha and Noel Coward. It does look worthy of a visit but you'll need your Tux or ballgown for the trip. Maybe next time, A?

Totnes market

Bigbury Beach with a view of Burgh Island and the Burgh Island Hotel

 BBQ skills in Devon

 Bonding with a seagull on Bigbury beach

  Beetlebum: checking out the Macro on the Lumix DMC-FX100

 A view of Lord Churston's bathhouse, Elberry Cove

A Tweet from Michael Winner (RIP) mentioning the film the System 

The pagan ritual scene of throwing the piano into the sea symbolising the end of the summer season from the film, the System aka the Girl-Getters. 

   Looking over the bay towards Paignton which I should imagine is full of Grockles 
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