Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Beer o'clock rock

A pat on the back to everybody involved with the Walthamstow Beer project. I've was lucky enough to grow my hops via  my allotment but I have seen people growing them in their front gardens and I guess it's these elements that give Walthamstow beer it's unique taste.  On taste night I got to take a few bottles home and the Rose and Crown have a barrel of the stuff so if you're fond of your craft beers then do drop in.

Walthamstow Green Hopped Pale Ale by the barrel

Walthamstow beer night at the E17's Rose and Crown

Walthamstow beer brewed by East London Brewing company

   I think this is what they call beer porn

Wall of beer at The Rose and Crown in Walthamstow

   Yours truely supping a brew. Cheers.
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