Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Howdy from Estepona

With autumn on the horizon, I felt that a small break was needed before those dark nights draw in. Estepona, in Andalucia was recommended by a few people. So hello Spain. Good weather, oily seafood and home to the Spaghetti Western here we come. We flew in over the Sierra Nevada, bound for Malaga airport, followed by a pricey toll road (Yep Brexit, us Brits are feeling the overseas pinch these days). Just like the photos from the brochure our balcony came with a view of the port with sleeping quarters having one of memory foam mattresses. The beach was only a five minute walk, so as breaks go this was pretty darn good. We also managed to visit the Ronda but the for time being here's a few photos from Estepona.

Cruzcampo, always a welcoming sign

 Squids in. This looked pretty local

La Ruta de Murales Artísticos de Estepona. These Murlas are all over Estepona. I liked this one of the chap breaking his way out to sea

The Buzz Lovers tribute to Nirvana, down at Louie Louie

Electric larry land

Whilst we're on the subject of music is this picture lacking a Peter Gabriel

Putting the Lumix FX100 through a colour test

And where would I be without a film reference. This is a still from The Silent Enemy 1958, where Lieutenant Crabb played by Laurence Harvey dips into Spain in the search of Italian scuba divers. 

    Crystal Beach, Estepona

   Get-Carter ordered a thin glass but hey, this is Get-Callaghan sipping from a jug.
   Photos from the Ronda to follow. Bottoms up.
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