Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Obituary: photographer and cinematographer Wolf Suschitzky 1912 - 2016

Sad news to hear about the passing of photographer Wolf Suschitzky. Not only was he a great photographer but he also penned his skills to film as a cinematographer. I've found his work inspiring, so here's a breiff introduction to the visual legend and why he holds a special place here at Get-Callaghan towers and yes please do go and check him out. 

Wolf Suschitzky with a TLR 

    Street scene by Wolf Suschitzky. Reminds of my Algeria football fans 

Wolf Suschitzky in film 

The Small World of Sammy Lee 1963 starring Anthony Newly. This film is set in early 1960s Soho and if you want to get an idea of life in Soho pre-cross rail, then check it out. The BFI have wrote an interesting article about the film which you can read here. 

     Anthony Newly running through the streets of Soho in The Small World of Sammy Lee

   Next up it's   Entertaining Mr Sloane 1970. The pink cadillac in this film belonged to Syd Barret, which you'll know   from the   Mick Rock's  iconic Photo shoot   

     Harry Andrews and Peter McEnery with Syd Barret's pink Cadillac in the film Entertaining Mr Sloane 

And just where would we be without Wolf Suschitzky visual skills on Get Carter 1971. Hmm, Get Carter,         Get-Callaghan. Not a lot of people know that, yes, no?  

    Michael Caine somewhere in New Castle for Get Carter, Mike Hodges’s original adaptation of Ted Lewis’s 1970 crime novel Jack’s Return Home  

 You can find out more about Wolf Suschitzky by visiting his website 

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