Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ronda. Cherubs, cheese plants and raconteurs

With literary giant Ernest Hemingway and all round raconteur, Orson Wells both being big fans of Ronda. Well, you've just got to pay a visit to the place. We headed up from Malaga and took the A397. This was a steep mountain road with plenty of big trucks on route and as winding mountain roads go not too scary. We arrived later afternoon, found an easy place to park and then took to a look around. 

Cherub rock

This plant arrangement at home just wouldn't look as good

  Plants in Ronda

 Pase De E Hemingway

Paco Seville Parra sculpture of Ernest Hemingway 

 Ernest Hemingway in Ronda

Get off your horse and milk your cow

Orson Wells and and La Corrida, Ronda. Orson chose Ronda to be his final resting place and his ashes are buried at the home of retired bullfighter, Antonio Ordenez

Get CallagHan shoes

Cafe Las Bridas. I'm liking the font, reminds me of the bars in Switzerland

 Cheese plants in Ronda

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