Thursday, 20 October 2016

Savage Gardens not to be confused with the band, Savage Garden

From strolling around the Savage Gardens area, I later looked it up on the good ol' Internet and it turned out that there was an actual Sir Thomas Savage. Thomas, was awarded the title of Viscount Savage in 1626 with his wife Elizabeth, picking up the title Earl Rivers. Sadly for Thomas, he died in 1635 before inheriting these titles and his son John Savage, inherited them. Meanwhile the Savage daughters, Dorothy and Elizabeth, were a pair of babes (according to Wikipedia) and were even painted by Anthony van Dyck. Imagine, they would have been the Vanity Fair darlings of their day but, the Savage viscountcy and baronetcy and Rivers dynasty died out by 1739. 

   Signs of the time, Savage Gardens E.C.3.

It's a Vanity affair. Dorothy and Elizabeth painted by Anthony van Dyck which can be viewed at the National gallery 

Strolling along and hidden away is Star Alley, which has a nice independent deli

    Back to the future. Looking up at the Lloyd's building

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