Sunday, 30 October 2016

Werewolves of Walthamstow

 A spooky weekend in Walthamstow. Queue a photo report.  

   Mirth Marvel and Maud aka the Granada Cinema. A sneak peek into one of the screening rooms

I think I might have watched Dune or Break Dance 2 in this room

     The Granada cinema how it is today with Mirth Marvel and Maud running the show. It does remind me of the Keith Moon bar that was at the Astoria.

   Werewolves of Walthamstow. Halloween in the Chequers

There's a ghost in my house. The Chequers pub Walthamstow

New kids on the block: Cove E17 opening night.

   Cove E17 opens on Hoe Street.

Crow road. One of Waltham Forest's signature crows in Lloyd Park

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