Saturday, 28 January 2017

Walthamstow market by night

Going by the local history books, Walthamstow's market used to be open 24 hours, probably due to the selling of raw meats and fresh fish. The local pubs would have been like an episode from the film Saturday Night, Sunday Morning. As gritty as it looked, post-war London seemed a fascinating time. Photographer John Deakin and friend of Francis Bacon, captured the Soho scene of the 1950s pretty well. I'll keep an eye out for Walthamstow's alternative. 
Half price men for sale 

Shoes of Walthamstow
George Dyer and Francis Bacon in Soho, circa 1960. Photo by John Deakin

The Cock Tavern, bordered up on Walthamstow market

The Chequers pub on Walthamstow market

Walthamstow market by night

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