Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hurricane Rooms, Walthamstow

Once a picture house before the days of Blockbusters and quite possibly a music hall. It then became a music venue and so I've been told, hosted the likes of Led Zeppelin and the Who. I've always known it to be the Hurricane Rooms with 24 hour Pool and Snooker. Unfortunately, unlike the cinema there didn't seem to be much love for saving the place. I guess it was quite an odd looking building and no doubt its inner beauty will be missed with time. Here's a few photos of the place being torn down, I don't think any of the outer decor has been saved either.  

Hurricane Rooms bordered up

Bulldozing of the Hurricane Rooms Walthamstow 

Soon to be new flats, Hurricane Rooms on Hoe Street

Sneak Peek, a glimpse of the Hurricane Rooms interior 

Hurricane Rooms Walthamstow

Hurricane Rooms ,Walthamstow 
 Link: Story about the Hurricane Rooms closing 

Link : Story about an illegal rave held, post closure 
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