Friday, 31 March 2017

Greetings from the Allotment 2017

The Growing season is well on it's way and with these March sunny spells of late, I've been busy down the new plot. Here's a March update on what's been going on...

Summer slam hat

Rhubarb, should be ready end of March. The leaves are poisonous going by the guide books  

Planning where to put the Beer hops form the old plot


Plenty of worms in the soil 

Allotment land

Empty plastic bottles, always useful so as not to poke your eye out 

Compost bins with allotment toot: I've gone for a 2 tier compost version. I'll add a third if and when, all depends on the toot escalator

Chitting Charlotte potatoes. These were a big success last year, so fingers crossed for this year

My allotment tip. Cover it up until needed, this will save you having to worry about it

Raspberry canes rescued from the last plot 

Elephant garlic 

Chard, living in an old Moet bucket. I've yet to work out where to put these

Gin O'clock. Damson tree with Walthamstow's Town hall clock. She chimes every hour which is pretty handy

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

WE: Warner Estate App launch

There's now an App about the Warner Estate in Walthamstow, which has been carefully curated by Lucy Harrison and Katherine Green. The App contains stories about the people who have lived their over the years with photos then and now,  there's also guided audio tours so you can explore the Warner Estate. Here's a few photos from the App's launch night at Vestry House and you can find out more about the WE: Warner App here.  I'll follow this post up once I've taken an App tour. 

Lucy Harrison discusses the WE app, Vestry House 

WE: The Ex-Warner Estate project 

Residents of Warner Estate  

Who needs an iPad, when you have a piano. Warner Estate Walthamstow

Monday, 27 March 2017

They'll never understand the Jazz Police

People hold on

Ghost sign, Regent Remoulds,  Poland Street 

Bad day for the jazz police as Harold Moore Records leaves Great Marlborough St

Saturday, 25 March 2017

We'd gone in search of the American Apparel dream

Camden, March 2017.  I was hoping to pop into the only UK American Apparel, but to quote Skepta, it was shutdown. Now that the indie-scene seems to have split, I don't have much call to visit Camden these days. Here's an interesting article by Hannah Ewens for Vice about Camden and yep, you've guessed it, it's soon to be gentrified. No doubt I'll revisit the NW1 patch before this happens but for the time being here's how the old girl looks today. 

American Apparel RIP

No bad energy 

Stick person required, British Boot Company

It's where you're at, NW1

Amy Winehouse, Camden's modern saint

Donna from Elastica or Vicky Mcclure from This is England

The Monarch, the Barfly and now the Camden Assembly. Let's hope this place survives.

Many a 90s night spent at Club Royale, Monarch 

What's going on then

The Enterprise pub

53 steps at Chalk Farm tube station 

Mind the gap. Salut for now Camden 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

All is well in Clerkenwell

Running a few errands this week, I popped in to visit Shaun over at Pixelrights in Clerkenwell. I run my photography website through these guys, so check them out if you're looking to start up a photography website. As for Clerkenwell, I've spent some good times here, working at Retna, Hotdog magazine and even Front and Ice were walking distance and one point. Good to see the Three Kings pub is still intact. Okay then, I'm off another errand. 

Shaun +Pixelrights 

Three Kings pub, Clerkenwell

4 all the shoplifters, Clerkenwell Road. Once home to 24/7 Metro imaging and Big Pictures

Legal notice outside Fabric 

Your name's not down, you're not coming in. Fabric 

A splash of Cuban colour in Clerkenwell 

Harts of Smithfield

Bubb's restaurant, Smithfield 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

A visual eye on what's been happening in Walthamstow this week

City Knitwear, Lea Bridge Road 

Fullers at work, Walthamstow Village 

Rip it up and start again

Dust rider, Lea Bridge Road  

Wood Street, once home to the silent movies 

Wood Street revival 

Love this tower. All is calm over at Walthamstow reservoirs

Business as usual, Walthamstow market 

New signage work underway at Walthamstow market