Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Beer and Brutalism at the Welbeck Street NCP car park #brutal_architecture

 A fantastic evening was spent courtesy of @brutal_architecture  with a visit to the Welbeck street car park. Yes, this post-war 1970s monument will soon be closing and will also be facing demolition... We took a look around the car park on a Friday evening followed by a talk about Welbeck, discussing it's place in Brutalism and it's possible future. Some interesting points where made, do you try and keep it's facade,  preserve the car park in it's own entirety or move on and pave the way for new architecture.  All in all, it's a Village Green conundrum. 
You can find out more about Brutal architecture on Instagram here

Beer and Brutalism at the Welbeck car park 

Henrietta Place W1. Welbeck car park

Steve, founder of Instagram account @brutal_architecture

Instagramer's at the Welbeck car park 

Exit 4 Fire escape

1970s Fonts 

Getting a concrete fix, Inside the Welbeck car park 

Team Umbrella magazine 

Debenhams, viewed from the Welbeck car park

Ticket office

Visited the car park, got the t-shirt and then got the mag. Owen @metasoar 

Barnabas Calder, author of Raw Concrete discusses the merits of Welbeck car park

A room with a view at the Gunmakers Pub

Welbeck Wake. Tribute made by @space.playPicture courtesy of Umbrella magazine


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