Wednesday, 8 March 2017

West Ham v Chelsea 1 - 2

My second outing at the London Stadium. Third if you count my Olympic visit. 
This time round we came in from Hackney Wick station and met up at the Howling Hops bar, a few minutes walk from Hackney Wick. ** There's about 3 different craft beers places at this location that also sell food. Howling Hops and Craft Brewery, being the main outlets. Pints are about £4.50 and they accept card/tapless. I believe the rules are football colours are allowed pre-match.**
Howling Hops sell 4 pint pitchers and there's a bit of a German beer hall vibe inside the pub. Pre-match, I did notice a few international fans, French, German, American and possibly Dutch. We must be doing something right? If somebody has a mix-tape to one of the pubs on Green Street, then hand it in to this place and we could be onto a winner. 
Speaking of winning, on with the show. I was seated on the Bobby Moore stand, block 247, row 52. Overall, I didn't think we played that bad (I've witnessed worse) now that we're in our Post-Payet world. As mentioned on various West Ham web posts, fans will start leaving early. This starts at around the 70th minute (pictured 5th below), shame as we still had a goal to score. It can be a bit of of a drag getting out of the place, took me well over 25 mins, which I've pretty much accepted and have added on to my leaving time. A few digital displays saying how long until you get to the station, wouldn't go a miss. Brings new meaning to the "West Ham Way " I guess? Roll on the Bournemouth game, which I'll be tuning into via the power of Radio London.

Hipster Hammers at the Howling Hops , Hackney Wick 

Local sight seeing on the way to the game from Hackney Wick station
Pitcher invasion at the Howling Hops, Hackney Wick

Tonights view from the Bobby Moore Stand, block 247, row 52 

This is about 77 mins in, before Lanzini scored


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