Sunday, 28 May 2017

Elephant and Castle: The final episode

I guess this is it. The final Elephant and Castle tour. As George Harrison said - All things must pass.

The Victory 

Just another beautiful laundrette 

No need to call Saul, when you have Julius Ceasar on the case 

There is a light that never goes out 

It's a South London thing or a KLF land mark?
We do like a flyover 

Photography art student selfie 

Another photography art student selfie 

sub(no)way, Elephant and castle 

Records for sale 

False. Graffiti dub, Elephant and Castle 

Matching couches 

Maya House 

Here we are folks, heading back towards the Thames. Where I'll be back this way freelancing.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Elephant and Castle: Photo adventures 4

Still roaming around the Elephant and Castle. I've managed to get lost, helped an old lady across the road and got chatting to a market stall owner about Jimi Hendrix and the Incredible String Band. It's all happening down at the Elephant and Castle. 

Elephant and Castle, font city

scaffolding planks 

Give way 


Painting the city pink 

Little pink fluffy cloud street 

Born sectioned 

Michael Faraday discoverer of electromagnetism

Darwin street

Rockingham estate 

Now you see it, now you probably can't afford it. 

Tracked down Ministry of Sound. As mentioned in a previous post, I worked here for the magazine last time I freelanced over this way. We had editorial meetings in the VIP lounge, whilst the club was being cleaned up from the night before. I Alas the magazine is no more but it's good to see that MOS is still going. 

No longer a roundabout but the mystic silver cube lives on

Light at the end of the Castle

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Elephant and Castle: Photo adventures part 3

This place is growing on me. More photos from the Elephant and Castle. 

London College of Communication. You have to watch out for these young dudes, They'll put me out of a job

possible moat to the Castle

Shabba Ranks 

Yep, keep going, past Peckham, then you'll reach France.

1 escaping 

It's a South London thing

Rubble trouble at Elephant Park 

Made the bus in seconds flat...

Never to far from the Shard

T-shirt logo in wait. 

More font action, with the Castle

Cinema museum, this way


Be self-aware