Thursday, 18 May 2017

Elephant and Castle 2017

 I'm based over at Elephant and Castle for a couple of weeks. That's how life rolls as a freelancer. 
The last time I freelanced this way was for Ministry of Sound magazine, before that I caught a few bands playing here. Like a lot London hotspots, it's interesting to see the gentrification process. No idea how the Elephant will live in it's new castle but here's a photo report as follows... 
Please do let me know if you'd like a certain locations checked up on and I'll try my best. 

Pink Elephants on parade 

Elephant Park, coming to a Castle near you

Elephant and Castle 

Hoa Phuong 

The Elephant make-over 

The Artwork, Elephant and Castle 

Available for private parties

Tai Tip Mein, Elephant and Castle 

Elephant and Castle, shopping centre 

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