Thursday, 22 June 2017

Obituary: Anita Pallenberg 1944 - 2017

Sad news to hear the passing of Anita Pallenberg this week. You can read more about Anita here and here . The Rolling Stones just wouldn't have been as cool without her.

Anita Pallenberg with Keith Richards and their children. Cannes 1971. Photo from the Brettmann collection/Getty Images 
I once had the pleasure of meeting her briefly at a Michael Putland, Rolling Stones exhibition. This was circa late 1990s, pre Blog. So, as it's a Thursday, why not have a "Throwback Thursday" to a Blog post, dated 4th March 2011,  looking back to 1999 about an exhibition of the Rollings Stones in the 1970s.   Blog post here

Anita Pallenberg, Rolling Stones exhibition, 1990s

Smoking: It was good enough for Keith, then it's okay for GetCallaghan. PS. I gave up a couple years after this, I think I'm about 16 years smoking free. Yay me.

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