Friday, 28 July 2017

Double Bill: Emperors of Rome and the Savannahs

Tube'd it to the Camden Monarch to catch Emperors of Rome  on Wednesday. The headlining act was the Savannahs  who had recently appeared on BBC's Pitch Battle. I have to say I was very won over by their harmonies and it'd be nice to hear those voices cover a Beach Boys track, may I recommend you give the Savannahs a listen. 

Dom Fariq of the Emperors of Rome

Emperors of Rome at the Camden, Monarch

The Savannahs sing in harmony. Camden Monarch 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

No need to adjust your television...

We return to Elephant and Castle for a freelance super special.

Fonts of the Elephant and Castle 

Trees at the top of the tower 


Anoe has image 

Trueman, beers and ales 

Hasan, Steak and Kebab house. Rothsay street 


Bermondsey Vnited Charity school 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Do you take a DSLR or a compact to a wedding?

Always a tough question, what camera do you take to a friends wedding?  Last week I opted for my Nikon D610 and a fairly recent purchase of a Nikon, AF Nikkor 35mm F/2D lens. I took a few candid shots and as the lens isn't to flash looking, your subject matter are a little bit more relaxed. Like all my lenses, I tend to keep a UV filter on for protection.  The 35mm lens also makes it much lighter to carry, so hopefully I'll take it along to a few more social engagements. watch this space...

The father and the bride. Shot on a Nikon D610 with a Nikkor 35m f.2lens 

A close up of my Nikkor 35m lens. I snapped this with my compact Lumix 

Portrait shot with a Nikkor f.2 lens using natural daylight 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Dan Raza - New Album

Good to hear Dan Raza has released a new album.  I had the pleasure of a portrait sitting with Dan a we while back, I've dug out some of the pics which are below Dan's Facebook post. If you're in a band and need some photos, then do get in touch. It's always enjoyable to photograph musicians.

Dan Raza announces new album via Facebook 

Dan Raza portrait sitting photo by Adrian Callaghan 

Dan Raza portrait, photo by Adrian Callaghan 

Dan Raza portrait sitting photo by Adrian Callaghan