Friday, 15 December 2017

Camera test: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS10 first impressions

If you're going to put a new camera through a test, then why not opt for a cold drizzly day at Walthamstow market.  This is an upgrade to my Lumix DMC-FX100   Expect similar on board features on the FS10, with the camera body being a lot lighter and the Leica lens has been replaced with a Lumix DC Vario lens. I've never really looked into the hi-tech specs of just how different the Leica compact lens is compared to a standard compact lens. However, the analogue Yashica T4 compact (which you'll be seeing a lot more of on here in 2018) lens was better quality than a lot of hi-spec SLR lenses. Why they never made a digital T4 version is beyond me? For the time being enjoy the FS10 camera trial. 

Mirror in the bathroom. FS10 selfie 

Walthamstow market 

I'm guessing Jesus forgives typefaces too? 

Palace Mews , E17 - colour test 

tungsten and daylight lighting mix 

good example of colour range 

colour balance testing the Lumix DMC-FS10

Pushing up the contrast. 

Black and White sample with FS10 

Walthamstow market 

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